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What's your Liverpool FC ITK?
Are you "In The Know"?

Play solo or as a team and compete with other Liverpool fans to see who knows most about our team and is best at predicting what will happen in the next match!

Download now to win free tickets to play in daily quiz or match predictor games.

Build your own team with your mates to pool your knowledge.

Chat with your friends during the game and challenge them to see who has the best ITK.

Survive all eight questions or go further than anyone else to be crowned the Last Fan Standing.

Last Fan Standing Concept

Last Fan Standing is a new live gameshow football quiz and football predictions app for football (and soccer) fans all over the world.

During the free daily football quiz and football predictions games you can play solo, compete as a group of mates against other groups or even compete against your mates to see who has the highest In The Know (ITK) Score and win cash prizes.

On match days there is a Football Predictions Predictor Game where fans predict what’s going to happen in the upcoming match with the chance to win cash prizes. Just nswer the most questions correctly in a row to become be the Last Fan Standing and share a cash prize. We also host daily football trivia quizzes with the chance to win prizes.

So what are you waiting for? Join your fellow football fans from around the world and experience what its like to be a true fan in The Last Fan Standing football quiz contest app.

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